How we work


We are located in Slovenia, in the heart of Europe. We are a small business of family and friends, and we cooperate with local wood masters. All the materials we use are from Slovenia, and as our country is small our supply chains are really short.

Coming from one of Europe's most forested country with a long and rich tradition of woodworking, we deeply care for wood and we carefully choose the right one for UniiiqUs. The wood we use is from local, sustainably managed forests, so it is filled with divine forest energy.

Our illustrators who create illustrations from your photos, are from all over the world. Each has their own style of drawing, so we can provide UniiiqUs of great diversity in design. Our wish is that everyone can find UniiiqUs up to their taste and style desires.

From hand-painting with organic, vegan paints and transfering illustrations by hand to laser engraving and printing - we choose different finishing techniques to perfectly match each illustration style. All materials we use are Europe certified and safe.

Each UniiiqUs that passes through our hands is unique, just like a person it represents. Wood may have specific pattern and features, paints can vary in their hues, as they are mixed manually - and this in our eyes makes each UniiiqUs even more special.

In our workshop, we work from self-management and shared authority, promoting healthy and respectful working place and fair pay. We share ideas, brainstorm a lot and together create the best solutions. We play a lot, too.

We believe in work-life balance and take special attention to family life and personal interests of everyone among us. The schedule of each of our creators is adapted to their personal needs. This way, we can all bring our best to work, too, and into each UniiiqUs we create.