Big ConscioUs figurines

49,00  (VAT incl.)

Big modern Venetian art school style figures created for people who are always aware and in contact with themselves and their surroundings. 

After the purchase, you will receive instruction for uploading your photos and personalisation details by email.

ConscioUs figurines are all about being aware and always in contact with yourself and your surroundings. They are perfect match for people who are already like that, and also for those who need to be reminded about all the richness of life around them. If you really want to make a big impression, choose Big Conscious figurines.

Illustrations for Big ConscioUs figurines are hand-drawn from your personal (face) photos in Modern Venetian School of Arts style. You choose how each figurine will be dressed and coloured. Illustrations are made for the front and the back of figurines. They are laser-engraved onto sustainable produced beech wood and cut out by the measure. We hand-paint them with organic, vegetable-oil based paints. You can also purchase unpainted figurines.

You can order one figurine or a whole bunch - of your family, your team, your friends.  Also, you can order more figurines created from the same photo, and distribute them among your loved ones.

1. Order as many figurines as you wish of the same style or various styles.

2. After the purchase, you will receive personalisation form by email.

If you have a time frame, please contact us first. Figures are made on demand and can take up to 3 weeks to dispatch + shipping time.


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