Questions you might have – and answers


After your purchase in the shop, we will send you personalisation form to the email address provided in ordering process. You will upload your photos and other details for personalisation to this form.
We urge you that you fill in the form as soon as possible because we cannot start creating your UniiiqUs until we receive photos and personalisation details from you.

You should send face photos and sometimes, depending on the style you choose, also full figure photos.
For us, photographs are the sole information about the person's appearance and they are the key element of how your UniiiqUs will look like. So, the first recommendation is that you send us photos on which you like how you and your loved ones look like.
Also, photos should be sharp and well exposed, taken from front and not from above or bellow. ID photo style is ideal and much better than selfies because on selfies, faces can be disformed.
Final recommendation is that photos should be as new as possible and should show the haircut that you want UniiiqUs to have.

All uploaded photos are permamently deleted immediately after we finish creating your UniiiqUs.

UniiiqUs are created in Slovenia, a small European country between the Alps and the Adriatic sea. We are a small workshop business, combined of friends, and we get wood and all the materials we use locally.
Artists who create illustrations for UniiiqUs, are from all over the world. This way, we can provide great diversity in design.

Sure, we offer styles that can be ordered unpainted. It is tagged in categories description and you will be able to mark this option in the personalisation form. You can then enjoy them unpainted, as they look great, or paint them yourself with any paints suited for untreated wood. We recommend nature-friendly and safe paints.

You can put them on a shelf and adore them.
You can place them around your home, so that they greet you and remind you of your loved ones each time you walk by.
They can keep you company when you work or play.
You can use them in role play and learn new stuff about your relationships.
You can take them with you on your vacation, trip, picnics.
They can keep you company when you are on a business trip or in hospital.
You can give them to people who are hard to buy for.
Check out even more ideas on how UniiiqUs can enrich your life.

With the exception of UniiiqUs, ordered unpainted, UniiiqUs are protected with natural moisture resistant finish. You can wipe them occassionally with a dry or moist cloth. However, UniiiqUs should not be washed under running water or sunk under water.
Also, UniiiqUs are suited for indoor usage and should not be left outdoor as weather can damage the wood. You can, though, put them on a sunny indoor shelf or take with you on a picnic, as materials we use are UV-resistant.
Just like people get bruises and wrinkles UniiiqUs can get scratches and marks with time, too. This means that you used them a lot, and marks make them even more yours.

We ship UniiiqUs all over the world.

We work with delivery services that provide safe, quick and affordable delivery. Shipping costs depend on destination, number of UniiiqUs and their size. You can check shipping cost for your order at the checkout.

UniiiqUs are made on demand and can take up to 3 weeks to dispatch. Shipping time is then dependent on the destination. If you have a time frame, please contact us first, and we will try to find solution for you.

Customs and import duties differ from country to country and are buyers' responsibility. Also, due to import procedures, delivery can sometimes be delayed. Unfortunately, we don't have any influence over this.

If you want to order larger number of UniiiqUs, please, contact us first.