What makes UniiiqUs special


Each UniiiqUs is unique. Illustrations are drawn from personal photos, and figurines are cut from wood. This makes them one-of-a-kind and unrepeatable. But we can, if you wish, create more UniiiqUs from the same illustration.

Illustrations are drawn by artists from all over the world and figurines are created with finest materials and great care. UniiiqUs are thus beautiful and decorative as a single item or as a group, if you choose one artistic style for all your UniiiqUs or if you mix styles.

UniiiqUs are human-friendly. You can hold them and feel them, you can take them wherever you want. The more you let them be a part of your life, the more you enjoy them. The more moments you create with them, the more memories they carry. And they never tell your secrets.

UniiiqUs are designed and created to last, to become a part of everlasting personal collection or a family heirloom, passing from generation to generation. People grow and change, but UniiiqUs remain beautiful souvenirs of time that passed.

If scratches or marks appear in UniiiqUs over time it means that it fullfills its role of being a good companion and a loved playmate. Just like people get bruises and wrinkles UniiiqUs can get theirs, too. Such marks make them even more yours.

UniiiqUs are made of natural, sustainable materials and even packaging is minimalistic, not containing any plastics. They do not need any source of energy, except your imagination. And if it happens that they come to their natural end, they are fully biodegradable.

Uniiiqus are filled with great energy, high vibes and positive emotions. Our workshop is based on fairness and good relationships. Everyone creating Uniiiqus is here because it is their passion and joy, everyone is respected and everyone is payed fairly. We love creating UniiiqUs and are grateful that we can.