How can UniiiqUs benefit you



Enjoy unstructured play.
Role play.
Play board games.
Tell family stories.
Use with dollhouses.
Resolve conflicts.
Learn about empathy.
Cherish each other when apart.
Heal homesickness.
Celebrate milestones.
Take on vacation.
Personalise room décor.

Tweens & teens

Build positive self-image.
Improve confidence.
Encourage self-worth.
Appreciate your body.
Develop mutual respect.
Strenghten family ties.
Turn away from screens.
Celebrate friendship.
Ease conversation.
Communicate confusing feelings.
Solve personal problems.


Honour your uniqueness.
Have his and hers.
Feel close with those who are not around.
Enrich family photo shelf.
Personalise your space.
Give to people who are hard to buy for.
Be heard by a really good listener.
Create souvenirs.
Start a collection.
Begin family heirloom.