How it all started


In my family, we have always felt very deeply about family photos. We have piles of photo albums from various periods, voyages and events, all neatly organised, with dates and commentaries. We always exchange photos, give them as presents, fill walls and shelves with them.

So, you see, love for family photos runs in my blood.

But on photos, our loved ones remain distant. We can see them, but we cannot continue the relationship, them being behind a glass or a screen, separated from us in their two-dimensionality, frozen in a moment that cannot ever be changed.

This is why I have created UniiiqUs. I wanted people who are not with me - with me. I wanted to be able to touch them, talk to them, be connected to them. To shrink space and even time.

At first, I just wanted to create these figurines for myself. But then, people saw them and wanted their own UniiiqUs bunch, too. So, I asked a few friends to help and started a workshop.

We pour in UniiiqUs everything we love: aesthetics, magic of great relationships, and pure energy of nature. In a land of forests, we are proud to continue centuries of tradition in woodworking.

I believe you will enjoy UniiiqUs as much as I do. They will keep you company and enrich your life. Let them make your day and your life ... DelicioUs.