Unique, like you are

UniiiqUs are wooden figurines, designed from your photos and in an artistic style of your choosing.

They represent you and your loved ones, always giving you love, joy and undivided attention.

From our hands - to your heart.


How to get your UniiiqUs - 3 easy steps

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Step 1: Choose your style. 

UniiiqUs come in various styles. You can choose your style according to your taste or to a specific personal quality a style promotes. 

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Step 2: Make an order. 

It's simple. Choose how many figurines you want and make an order. You can also order  figurines in different styles with the same order. 

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Step 3: Upload photos. 

After the purchase, you receive instructions for uploading your photos by email. We delete them permanently as soon as your UniiiqUs are created. 

Choose your style


ConscioUs Style

Modern Venetian art school style figures created for people who are always aware and in contact with themselves and their surroundings.

GeniuUs (10)_detail_OnWhite

GeniUs Style

Cartoon style figurines celebrate genius in all the forms, that special spark that lights our fire, our wisdom, and our creativity.

CourageoUs (1)_detail

CourageoUs Style

These realistic looking, clean-style figurines celebrate people in moments when facing life’s challenges - big and small and smallest ones.

Personalised product

Sustainable wood

Worldwide delivery

European quality